Saturday, August 16, 2014

BREAKING: Barack Obama SKIPS Funeral of Murdered US General

oped: I do believe it is past due time for the Pentagon to turn their proverbial backs on Barack Obama and refuse all illegal orders from a illegal President! #PERIOD

via: Conservative Tribune
Back on August 5th, Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afghanistan, the victim of an insider attack. He was the first general killed in a combat zone since the Vietnam War.
Insider attacks are on the rise in Afghanistan, as tens of thousands of Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters have infiltrated the Afghan National Security Forces.
As President Obama sends “pink slips” to our officers in a combat zone and announces to our enemy exactly when we are leaving their country, the Taliban has become emboldened to increase the size and scope of their attacks, knowing that little to nothing will be done in retaliation.

Such a rare occurrence as a high-ranking officer’s death should have warranted a great deal of attention from our Commander-in-Chief, but Obama has yet to make any public comments regarding his death.
Not only has Obama been unable to make any comment about the General’s sacrifice, he also was unable to find the time to make it to General Greene’s funeral, held on Thursday in Arlington National Cemetery.  Obama himself was conspicuously absent, but so were the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense.  The highest ranking and most senior member of Obama’s administration that found the time to pay respects to the General that was murdered by the enemy was Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno, according to BizPacReview.
The activity that Obama thought more pressing than this hero’s funeral? Golfing.
This is beyond outrageous, and should be taken as a blatant slap in the face of every military member and civilian that knows and understands the tradition, honor, and respect that comes with military service.  In what can only be a gross oversight, or else a belligerent middle-finger, Obama hasn’t even ordered flags to be flown at half-staff, like he did for the deaths of singer Whitney Houston, as well as the former communist and South African President Nelson Mandela.
There are no words to describe the amount of disrespect that was on display by Obama’s deliberate absence from the General’s funeral
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