Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obama, "thinks he's won on Benghazi."

The Atlantic is reporting that Obama's "defiant tapping of Susan rice" to be the new National Security Adviser means that Obama, "thinks he's won on Benghazi."
On top of Susan Rice's promotion is the fact that Victoria Nuland (Hillary Clinton's spokesperson at the State Department) is also being promoted.  Nuland was the one who ordered changes to the Benghazi talking points so that the American people wouldn't know the truth about the Obama administration's lies and cover ups surrounding the terrorist attack.
Above:  Susan Rice with Barack Obama; Victoria Nuland with Hillary Clinton
Please, do not let Barack Obama act defiant and get away with this massive cover up.  Four Americans died and the Obama administration lied about their deaths, then tried to cover it up.  And increasingly evidence suggests that our mission in Benghazi was based on efforts to funnel weapons to rebels in Syria, some of whom are al Qaida operatives - exactly as we provided weapons to rebels in Libya who were aligned with al Qaida.
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