Wednesday, June 5, 2013

California Considers Banning Fire…

oped: Kawlifornia the home of fruits and nuts...the state is bankrupt morally as well as fiscally and what is important now...oh yeah take away week-end bbq's !

Southern California beachgoers will soon say goodbye to their beloved fire pits. Yes, California is now about to ban fire.
Washington Times reports that South Coast Air Quality Management District will soon decide whether fire is bad enough for the environment that beach fire pits should be banned. The decision will require the removal of fire pits from Los Angeles and Orange County beaches.

As if considering such a ban were not enough, the Air Quality agency arranged an analysis of pit fire particulates. The beloved barbecues are said to emit as much particulate matter as a diesel truck does in 564 miles.
Such “arranged analyses” fly in the face of scientific studies that say otherwise. Dr. James Enstrom showed that the risk to human health from diesel exhaust is seriously overstated. Letting that diesel truck travel a mere 564 miles—the equivalent of an evening pit fire barbecue —lowers the risk to negligible, if any at all.

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