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  Today: ICE Union President Chris Crane tells Senate Committee that Gang snubbed law enforcement; Tell your Members of Congress

"Never before have I seen such contempt for law enforcement officers as what I've seen from the Gang of Eight."

-- Testimony from ICE Union President Chris Crane at Senate Judiciary Hearing, April 23, 2013
Yesterday, ICE Union President Chris Crane did a phenomenal job testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his statement above best sums up his message to the Committee.
Crane told the lawmakers how the Gang ignored repeated meeting requests by law enforcement to provide input and insight while the Gang drafted its amnesty bill. He noted that special interest groups and illegal aliens had seats at the table.
"This legislation was crafted behind closed doors with big business, big unions, and groups representing illegal aliens. Groups with their own interests. Groups that stand to make millions from this legislation. Anyone with a significantly different opinion on immigration reform was prohibited by the Gang of Eight from having input."
Crane also testified about how law enforcement was treated when it tried to work its way into the process.
"Last week, desperate to be heard, border sheriffs, interior sheriffs, deputies and immigration agents all came to Washington, D.C. with the hope that the Gang of Eight would hear their concerns. They held two meetings on two separate days, not one member of the Gang of Eight attended.

"Last week when I respectfully asked a question to the Gang of Eight at their press conference, I was escorted out by police and Senate staff. I was spoken to with anger and disrespect."
Gang Shuns Law Enforcement
Tell Congress about Chris Crane's testimony
You can watch Chris Crane's testimony in its entirety by clicking on the image below. But first, please send the following fax to your Three Members of Congress telling them what Chris Crane had to say and asking them to ensure the opinions of law enforcement are considered before moving forward with immigration reform legislation.
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Tue, Apr 23rd