Saturday, April 27, 2013

Open Letter to Republican Leadership

 TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. Eric Cantor, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, The Hon. James Lankford

Stop Helping Barack Obama Cover-Up Benghazi-Gate!

It's clear that Barack Obama isn't the only one trying to sweep Benghazi-gate under the rug. Just as he slow-walked and sabotaged the wheels of justice on Fast and Furious, Speaker of the House John Boehner, with the support of far too many Republicans, is once again coming to the aid of the Obama Regime by slow-walking efforts to get at the truth on the Benghazi-gate scandal.

Over 100 House Republicans and several Members of the Senate are demanding a Special Select Committee be formed... a committee with the power to issue subpoenas to Obama Regime stooges... a committee with the power to offer immunity to whistleblowers and the Benghazi-gate survivors that the Obama Regime has gagged... a committee with the power to actually punish wrong-doers. So why are John Boehner and House GOP Leaders standing in the way?

Allow me to make myself perfectly clear. Seven months have passed and you have run out of excuses. The American people are sick and tired of the dog-and-pony hearing and the attempts to slow-walk legitimate investigations into this tragedy. You've run out of excuses and you are now faced with making only one of two choices. Either give the American people the truth on Benghazi-gate or give the American people your resignations from your positions of leadership. Make your choice! 

via White House watch

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