Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spanish Government Tries to Remove Refugee Status From Maker of Anti-Islam Film

I've written a few articles about Imran Firasat, the Pakistani refugee resident in Spain who runs the "World Without Islam" website (click on the tags at the bottom to see them), including one yesterday about the increased terror alert level in Belgium due to the imminent release of his film, The Innocent Prophet.

Now, it seems, the Spanish government has been so panicked by the "Muslim rage" reactions to previous anti-Islam films that they are seeking to distance themselves from Firasat before his film has even been released, even to the extent of examining whether his refugee status can be withdrawn from him.

Firasat has published a trailer of the film in which he appears speaking in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid with the Spanish flag in the background, and in which he asks, among other things, is the prophet of Islam was "a holy man sent by Allah or a rapist of children and a murderer". In the last year he issued a series of caricatures of Mohammed. [The Ministry of] Interior has initiated an inquiry to see if the status of refugee can be withdrawn from him, according to sources within the ministry, although the legal grounds for this decision have not been specified - indicating that an order for search and capture may be issued against him, a point which has not been confirmed.

Source: El País H/T: Maria José


In response to this, Imran Firasat has decided to delay the release of his film.

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