Thursday, December 13, 2012

Benghazi,Fast and Furious,Obama Eligibility

Senate House Of Representatives President
   Senate                                  House of Representatives                  President

Attention Congress 'We the People' ...Hire and Fire... you work for us not the other way around !
We demand a full and comprehensive 'open' investigation into the Benghazi,Fast and Furious as well as the Presidents eligibility issues. We demand subpoenas being issued for all records,documentation,persons involved in every aspect of the of issues at more stalling ,dragging feet and procrastination.
These issues have gone on far to long and we the people see no progress made whatsoever. We are growing weary from the diatribes as well as excuse after excuse why this has not moved forward in a responsible/timely open and factual method.

We want to see answers now as well as Impeachment proceedings,arrests and prosecutions for all who have violated the trust in public office as well as the Rule of Law and the US Constitution! These issues are by no means political fodder they are outright violations of Law and the US Constitution ...this is not a game nor a campaign ...people are dying,the country is falling apart at the seams and all we see from our so called elected representatives is more stalling ,procrastination and the proverbial 'ass covering'...enough is enough do your job or lose your job!

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