Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prepare to Defend the Bill of Rights

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For Bill of Rights Day, Recommit to Honor Your Oath, and Prepare to Defend the Bill of Rights

Today, December 15 is Bill of Rights Day, the anniversary of its ratification in 1791.  Few Americans even know about it.  No doubt every Veteran's Day you pay proper respects to the men who gave their lives for our freedom, but do you pay proper respect to what they defended with their blood, sweat, and tears?

"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights."-Marine General Smedley Butler

Listen to "Old Gimlet Eye" (as Marines fondly call General Butler). He knew what he was talking about.  Here is a man who fought all over the globe for Uncle Sam.  He was the only Marine to be awarded the Corps' Brevet Medal and TWO Medals of Honor, all for action on separate occasions.  A true warrior's warrior.  And after all that warfare, after all the combat he saw, that is what he had to say about what was worth fighting for.   Our homes, and the Bill of Rights.  He knew, and understood, that the Bill of Rights is the crown jewel of this constitutional republic, that without the Bill of Rights, there is no America, and above all else, it must be defended with our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor.

Now there was a Marine who understood his oath (Semper F'ing Fi Marine!).  Do you understand yours?  Do you know the Bill of Rights?  Do you know the history of its clauses and why they were written?

The Bill of Rights was meant to prevent a repeat of the abuses that compelled our forefathers to take up arms.   It was meant as a shield to protect the people against tyranny, so that the sacrifices and blood shed by our forefathers would not be in vain.  When you read through each of the first ten amendments to our Constitution, reflect on that fact.  Nearly every single abuse of the rights of the Founding Generation by Parliament and King is addressed by our Bill of Rights - warrantless searches and seizures (including seizure of people); confiscation and forfeiture of property, men being compelled, by means of torture, to incriminate themselves; secret evidence, secret accusers, and denial of the ancient right to jury trial, with trial instead by a military tribunal; violations of free speech and assembly; the attempts to disarm the American people - all of those were among the "long train of abuses" which compelled the Founding Generation to finally take up arms in defense of their natural rights.

And that long train of abuses is now being repeated today, by the modern equivalent of Parliament (the den of traitorous vipers otherwise known as Congress) and "King Obama" (who received all of his illegitimate, de facto totalitarian powers from "King George" Bush before him), with the help of complicit judges who think the Constitution is merely whatever they say it is.  History is repeating itself, and you are now called upon to take your place in the endless struggle between good and evil, between liberty and tyranny.

Like General Butler, you swore an oath to defend the Bill of Rights, along with the rest of the Constitution.  But how can you keep that oath if you don't know it, and don't understand it?   Take time today to read the Bill of Rights and think about the hard lessons of history contained in it.  Reflect on the fact that the Bill of Rights is the heart and soul of this Republic, and also recommit yourself to defending it with courage, honor, and integrity, up to and including giving your life, if you must, in its defense.  Honor our fallen by studying and then resolving to defend what they too swore to defend.  Anything less is dereliction of duty.

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