Thursday, September 13, 2012

US Ambassador to Libya Was Raped Before He Was Tortured, Killed #SAVAGE

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By Atlas Shrugs (Reporter)

The horror is unimaginable.The world “radically transformed” by Obama.
And more gruesome then Obama's lethal delusions is the diversion he is attempting to create using Mitt Romney. Obama and his media jackals are attacking .Romney for his much needed and proper criticism of Obama's epic failing in handling this unfolding crisis of war. The Obama adminsitration apologized for “religious incitement” when the Egyptian emabassy was attacked. It's all the enemedia jackals are talking about, not Obama's epic fail, but the timing of Romney's remarks.
Obama's sharia spring sacrificing soldiers, diplomats and ambassadors. Obama sanctioned the brutal sodomy of Gaddafi,  something that would never have happened under Bush.
White House condemns …….. film.
Below is the rough (Google) translation.
Sources AFP that “the U.S. ambassador to
Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the
embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is
offensive to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),” The sources said that
“Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner
similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder. “
Lebanese paper report – Murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya reportedly raped Washington Times
Hat tip Big Fur Hat?Big Fur Hat September 12, 2012 /Tayyar/News/PoliticalNews/
According to the Lebanese news organization,
citing AFP news sources, U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens,
who was killed by gunmen that stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on
Tuesday, was reportedly raped before being murdered. A google
translation of the report says :

A news report made by the Libyan Free Press is also reporting that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized before he was killed:
“Libya – USA Ambassador in Bengazi sodomized and killed by his own al-Qaeda puppets.”

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