Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Give up this Election Cycle..Tossin' in the Towell..!

Does it really matter who takes the WH ? all politicians are all over the Map 'In n' Out' of each others Proverbial they really give a hoot about 'We the People'? I think not... they just care about personal  power and catering to those who can deliver the most money for their own election...They continually pass new Bills and say ...hey it benefits y'all...Golly Gee how come they never read the Bills before they are passed...they say we will love it~ after they pass it...whatever that is! Well it means 'We the People' will get screwed in the end: >
Am I bitter?...Hell Yes..and sick and tired of being lied to...they 'all' promise the world and claim they have the proverbial fix...but after the election is over...rarely if ever do they deliver on all those promises!

So I am going to go into the survivalist mode and concentrate on taking care of my family for when the proverbial 'Shit' hits the fan..they can only fake it for so long before reality takes over..'Murphy's Law'

Have a nice day y'all I am going out and have some fun..Politics makes me grumpy!


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