Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Reports Say Famed Navy SEAL Unit Among Forces Gathering In Korea



As tensions with North Korea ratchet higher, new reports have surfaced that America’s SEAL Team Six has arrived on the Korean Peninsula for training drills.
Although Navy officials downplayed reports in March that the elite unit, which was responsible for the takedown of Osama bin Laden, was participating in South Korean training exercises, media reports continue to mention the SEALs are participating in drills designed to simulate an attack on the top leaders of North Korea, including dictator Kim Jong-Un.
American military officials would only say that “ground, air, naval and special operations” are working with South Korean counterparts in “several joint and combined field training operations” involving up to 17,000 troops.
“There are variety of Special Operations Forces participating in Foal Eagle, as they do in most regional exercises,” Commander Gary Ross said, referencing annual training exercises conducted in South Korea.
This week, the Carl Vinson strike group, led by the aircraft carrier of the same name, moved toward Korean waters. The battle group includes two guided-missile destroyers and a guided-missile cruiser.
The American fleet is being augmented by ships from Japan’s defense force, which is sending “several destroyers” into Korean waters.
The U.S. has also deployed its The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, which is designed to block North Korean missiles from penetrating South Korea’s air defenses.
Tensions are high due to an increase in bellicose rhetoric from North Korea as well as the approach of April 15, which is the anniversary of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung’s birth and is often marked by displays of weapons. In recent weeks, North Korean has threatened to launch ballistic missiles and also to detonate a nuclear warhead.

As military forces gather in Korea, President Donald Trump has stepped up his responses to North Korean threats and enlisted the help of Chinese leaders to rein in North Korea.
Trump talked Tuesday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, with whom he met last weekend, in an effort to seek a diplomatic solution to end the threat posed by North Korea.

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