Thursday, April 13, 2017

Attn: POTUS the time has come...release the X-Files

Dear Donald Trump/POTUS

In the spirit of JFK...we are now in the 21st Century...whats the real scoop on UFO's, Areas 51 and 52 the Blue Book real files etal?
We the People can handle the truth...we are no longer in the 1950's {naive}we are more sophisticated... well most of us are...excluding the dumbed down looney left progressives...all they know and think is rebel, protest,whine and cry and demand free stuff!

How about the government move to a new era of real and true honesty with We The People who's tax money supports all of the government programs...y'all seem to forget that you work for us not the other way must answer to the people like it or not! 

Therefore in the spirit of JFK who demanded the same 10 days before his assassination...let's open this book once and for all...Release the files already I got's to know...gettin' older~ in the golden years...I hate unfinished business...get the drift el Presidente' ? Show us your Andy Jackson bold be tough tell your nay sayers to stuff it in Andrew Jackson style!

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