Friday, March 17, 2017

This Teacher is Quitting Her Job at a Muslim School. The Reason Why is Absolutely INSANE

 Fahd Islamic School in the Liverpool area of southwest Sydney, NSW ...  ... College, an Islamic college in Sydney’s west Images - Frompo

An elementary school teacher in Sydney, Australia, has quit her job—after being threatened with beheading and other violence from young Muslim kids.

In addition, three other teachers have taken official leaves of absence due to stress—and the received counseling and financial compensation due to the severity of their bullying from the Muslim kids.

Some of the kids were as young as nine and ten.

The teacher who quit has not been named, but she outlined truly shocking and savage behavior from her young students. In one instance, she said she was physically abused by students after she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in her classroom. In another instance, she said she was physically pushed into the corner as students began marching around the room, chanting the Koran. 

She also claims that other students were bullied by the Muslim kids too, including a “group of [Muslim] boys who stood around a girl and called her horrible names, like ‘dog.’” Another kid was bullied for disobeying "Muslim scripture” and “betray[ing] his religion.”

The teacher said she had filed numerous complaints, dating back to 2014—but after students threatened to behead her and her family, she finally said enough was enough.

The Department of Education in New South Wales, which oversees Sydney schools,  did not deny that teachers had been given financial compensation for their distress, but didn’t give any additional details about the allegations. 

"The Department of Education continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies on such matters,” said a department spokesman. "To maintain effective operations and protect the privacy of students, the department will not identify schools participating in these programs.”
 Source: American Action News

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