Sunday, March 12, 2017

Guys~Gals It's OK to be normal and straight~really it is!


I for one am so tired of the looney left and the #LGBTQ movement attacking us from all sides...stating we are phobic this and phobic that....really how so? Just because we adhere to being God's creation or if you prefer Natures creation, somehow we are take the term phobic it means a fear of...just because one disagrees with anothers take on life does not equate to having a fear of...they have their preference and we have ours...therefore it is OK to be proud of being straight and normal!

Then we have the new age feminist movement who get their panties all in a bunch when a guy or gal makes a comment about one being sexy....really... wow so if we have to disregard finding someone of the opposite sex being sexy then how the hell do we get to the procreation stage?
Let's be honest here...opposites attract but equals marry (or should) we all have our preferences as to what is attractive in a persons trash is anothers treasure and vis versa.
When just dating it seems as though [being honest] sexy is the main attraction...when one is looking for a lifetime mate one looks for deeper attributes...I can only speak for myself...Not only someone who is sexy but is intelligent,warm,honest,funny and fun to be with, luvs kids and animals,the outdoors and nature, is conservative on all issues,assertive in a calm manner... somewhat old normal and straight... ha

At any rate I wrote this because of all the attacks on Kellyanne, Melania, Ivanka and numerous conservative talk show hosts and pundits.

One can be intelligent,warm, funny,assertive in a calm manner as well as being considered sexy,adorable and charming. A complete package for a desirable lifetime mate!

Here ya go this about sums up the oldies view on the attributes of a great mate: Yes sexy in the oldies days was not considered was just plain old sexy ha

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