Saturday, March 18, 2017

Disruption to be brought to you be these Dem Hounds from Hell

oped:Nothing could bring more disruption onto the scene than the Hounds from Hell. These so-called non-partisan organizations have some ties and roots that need to be closely examined. Michelle Malkin takes a look at a new nonprofit called American Oversight, and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington  (CREW). You need to see this. 

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Here come the hyper-partisan hounds.
A new nonprofit called American Oversight launched this week to combat President Trump’s “culture of impunity.” The outfit declared itself “nonpartisan” and claims its crusaders will fight for a “transparent and ethical government.”
But like Waylon Jennings once crooned, “Baby, that dog won’t hunt.”
These Democrat operatives aren’t interested in accountability. Their mission is to attack, obstruct and destroy their political opponents at all costs.

Executive Director and Obama donor Austin Evers is certainly familiar with the “culture of impunity.” He worked as a lawyer at Williams and Connolly — the firm representing Hillary Clinton and the same firm that boasts longtime Clinton consigliere David Kendall, who shepherded scandal-ridden Bill and Hill through Whitewater, Lewinsky-gate and Email-gate. Evers had zero experience handling public records and classified document requests before he was hired by the State Department in 2015 to be Hillary’s information blocker. But the ethical olfactory nerves of the Democrats suddenly shut down over the clear conflict of interest.
“At the very least, this suspect arrangement raises questions about the State Department hiring process,” GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte complained to the agency’s inspector general. “At worst, it suggests willful obstruction by handpicked Clinton associates at the State Department on behalf of former Secretary Clinton, to ensure damaging or incriminating documents never saw the light of day.”
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