Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UpDate: President can you spare a dime and a few minutes of your time

You promised to take care of the military who were mistreated by the Obama far you have taken care of the Generals and Admirals giving them powerful high visibility jobs within your administration. 
Can you spare a dime and a few minutes of your time for two young LT's who's lives and careers were ruined by the Obama administration for doing their job's against radical Islamic terrorists. They were wrongly convicted and are deserving new... fair and balanced trials... not Obama kangaroo courts. Also a full Presidential Pardon with reinstatement,promotions and back pay. 

Let us not forget Lt Michael Behenna...! 

Lt. Michael Behenna  


Let us not forget Lt. Lorance
still in prison! 
Lt. Clint Lorance 


There's finally been movement in 1LT Clint Lorance's case...

...and I'm afraid it's not good news.

The Army Court of Criminal Appeals decided last week that Clint will remain in prison.

Walter, this decision is a devastating blow to all of us who've been fighting for Clint these past four years. But I want you to know I spoke with Clint's mom.

She says Clint remains strong in his resolve to use his case to fix the Military Justice System to make it fair for America's war fighters.

And more importantly, she said Clint is asking all of you to stay in the fight as it has only begun.

That's why I'm turning to you today – one of UAP's and Clint's very best supporters – to ask you to renew your support with an emergency, tax-deductible donation of $35 or more to the Warrior Fund.

You see, thanks to your support we also delivered another round of Presidential Pardon Petitions to the White House last week. That shipment brings our total to 195,733 signed Petitions to President Trump.

But in light of last week's ruling, we need to double down on our efforts to get our Commander-in-Chief to pardon Clint.  

So please use this secure link to make an emergency donation to the Warrior Fund today to help us continue fighting for Clint.

UAP is in this fight until Clint's name is cleared and he's free to return to his family. I hope you'll be right there with us.

Semper fi,
Major Bill Donahue

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