Friday, February 24, 2017

Amazon takes heroic stance on 1st Amendment / Ivanka Trump

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Because of a murder trial in Arkansas, where Amazon’s Alexa was in use at the scene, the government wants access to everything that Alexa heard. Amazon is opposing this request based a very good 1st Amendment argument. Read their reasoning in this article as well as their defense against liberal complaints of Ivanka Trump’s products. 

As Written By Jack Kocsis for the Daily Caller:
Amazon has really proved itself as a hero in recent months. First, it stood with Ivanka Trump by refusing to cave to liberal demands to stop selling her products. Now, as the government demands it give up user privacy data contained on its popular Alexa devices, it has remained firm.
The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular tech devices on the planet, as it asks as a sort of home assistant willing to help with tasks as diverse as playing music, keeping grocery lists and ordering pizza. In listening to these requests, the Echo hears a lot of conversations that take place in each household. The government wants its hands on these conversations, but in a recent legal filing reported by Forbes, Amazon has put its foot down:

“At the heart of that First Amendment protection is the right to browse and purchase expressive materials anonymously, without fear of government discovery,” Amazon’s legal team wrote, later explaining that the protections for Alexa were two-fold: “The responses may contain expressive material, such as a podcast, an audiobook, or music requested by the user. Second, the response itself constitutes Amazon’s First Amendment-protected speech.”
Amazon Echo (and Echo Dot) owners can sleep safe at night, knowing that Alexa is fighting for its rights. As an Echo owner myself, I …..
FULL STORY CONTINUES HERE:  Amazon Stands Up For First Amendment Rights | The Daily Caller

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