Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Department of Justice puts the Election in Danger


In the case of the Clintons, did justice too fast or too slow? Where did the job of the DOJ get confused with the FBI? How much infighting within each department over the investigations? There is the e-mail mess: The Clinton Foundation; and reopening of the original e-mail case, brought about from another case. Than we have other investigations like the IRS and Louis Learner and normal investigations like terrorism.
The FBI is supposed to investigate. The DOJ is the one to call for grand juries, and prosecute or call for a special prosecutor. Loretta Lynch screwed this up royally by not calling for the jury and meeting with Bill Clinton. Director Comey steps in to cover Lynch’s backside.
Now when presenting the e-mail case laid out a case for indictment but didn’t indict. It was as if Hillary came up a couple of points short. Now, everything would become political if it hadn’t already. Hillary then claimed Comey gave her a free pass, which he didn’t.
Starting with a meeting before congress, and coming to a point where lost or destroyed e-mails could have been found, the investigation is in question. As a non-lawyer, what information did they have that they didn’t peruse? Were the congressional hearings that had already been given off limits? How far can one go as to trace, to the recipient of the e=mails? How deep do you check staff? How many issues can be under one investigation?
Mow a lap top computer with 650,000 has been found. Is this the missing lap top? Does it have the 33,000 missing e-mails? Have the FBI resignations played a part? Continue Reading

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