Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton knew all along her server and e-mails were being hacked... related in her October 2014 speech...A copy of her paid speech to Deutsche Bank, NYC was captured by wikileaks with e-mail attachment to John Podesta  

Read this. You'll see that Clinton knew her State Department computer was under attack and she knew her personal emails were being read by hackers. 

And yet she kept on doing exactly what she'd been doing. And then lied that she knew nothing about it to Congress.

If she is elected on Tuesday, we're going to have to impeach her. To:,,,,
Date: 2015-11-20 18:03

Subject: Deutsche Bank 

Read the Full speech transcript: : 

The key riff is pasted below:

JACQUES BRAND:  Thanks for sharing your perspective.  I’m sure there are lots of questions that our audience wants to ask you.  So perhaps I can just throw it out to a very shy audience, I’m sure.

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON:  These people are hungry, Jacques.

QUESTION:  Hi there.  We’re had a lot of cyber attacks this year, Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, not Deutsche Bank.  If you were ever in a position to issue an executive order, where would cyber be in your administration?

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON:  I think cyber security, cyber warfare are in the top five, because it’s a growing threat.  And it is a complicated threat to deal with.  A lot of the attacks are traced back to either Russia or China, but not exclusively.  We’ve had some Iranian attacks, as some of you know, on distribution of ‑‑ disruption of service in financial institutions.  And it’s a relatively cheap, labor-intensive way to take advantage of our dependence on the Internet, both for criminal purposes, as well as strategic national purposes. 

So it’s in the top five, because I don’t think we’ve yet taken it seriously enough as a nation and I know the administration tried to figure out a way to take the public and private sector and work through some standards and some protocols, and there was reluctance on the side of the private sector, and especially after Snowden, a lot of concern by some of our companies, particularly our tech companies, to do anything to even look like they were cooperating with the government.

But, I think this is a rolling threat that will only increase in intensity and so I appointed the first ever cyber security expert in the State Department.  We were attacked every hour of every day and not only through the State Department system, but also through individual, personal accounts, just really fishing for anything they could get.  And we knew it.  And they knew we knew it.

But, it was an ongoing challenge and I think we’re going to have to come together and figure out some smart ways to do a better job protecting ourselves, because I don’t know even if a very, very large private institution, like JP Morgan for example, which you mentioned, can do it on their own anymore, because the attacks and the talents of the attackers are improving dramatically.  And I’m just not sure unless we have a more concerted, focused effort, maybe by sectors, but with government backup, or government advice and counsel, we can stay ahead of this.  So I’m very worried about it.

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