Friday, August 19, 2016

NPR's Cokie Roberts: Trump supporters 'morally tainted'

 oped: You sure are one dumb *cookie* Cokie ! I'm thinking you and yours in the progressive Obama drunk/druggie party are morally the old saying goes 'those who live in glass houses should not throw stones' try to defend old Uncle Joe Biden having access to nuclear codes!


ABC and NPR reporter Cokie Roberts doesn’t think much of Donald Trump supporters – and her bias is on full display in her reporting.
The GOP presidential candidate wants a moratorium on refugees brought in from countries that export terrorism. He wants those who do come to the U.S. to be subject to “extreme vetting” – although he hasn’t been specific on what that is. 
That, according to reporter Cokie Roberts, is racist – and she told Joe Scarborough on MSNBC that those who support him are racist as well.
Roberts: “They’re morally tainted. There’s just no question about that. You can’t say He’s a racist and what he said was textbook racism, but I support him because he’s the nominee of my party.”
The bias is evidently so clear that NPR has rebranded Roberts as a “commentator,” since it doesn’t want its reporters taking sides in a political race. 

According to Dan Gainor of Media Research Center, Roberts is using a classic leftist smear. “They use pretty much four code words to describe people who they disagree with on the right or to the right of center: crazy, stupid, evil, or racist,” he explains.
But Roberts and Scarborough weren’t done.
Scarborough: “Have you ever seen anything like this where you have a candidate so morally tainted that people are calling him a racist and they’re calling him a con man, at the same time they’re saying We embrace him?”
Roberts: “Nobody’s ever seen anything like this.”
Gainor says Roberts, who’s from the South, apparently can’t remember politicians like segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace and West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd – a former member of the KKK. Then again, both Wallace and Byrd were Democrats.

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