Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Muslim Terrorist Leader Agrees with Trump – Obama “Founded” ISIS
By Onan Coca 

The leader of Lebanon’s Muslim terrorist organization Hezbollah recently spoke up to support Donald Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama founded the Islamic State (ISIS).
Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah, who supports Syria’s Bashar al Assad, recently quoted Trump at a rally and then told the crowd that Trump’s comments were based not on opinion but FACT.
Nasrallah told the crowd “this is an American presidential candidate who is saying this. What he says is based on facts and documents.” 

On Thursday, Mr. Trump went further than he did with his initial comments by explaining to CNBC what he was trying to get at when called Obama the “founder” of ISIS.
He was the founder of ISIS, absolutely. The the way he removed our troops — We shouldn’t have gone in I was against the war in Iraq… We shouldn’t have been in Iraq. I would not have been in Iraq if I was president, but that mistake was made, it was one of the worst mistakes in the history of our country, we destabilized the middle east. We’ve been paying the price for it for years. 

But [Obama] was the founder, absolutely the founder. In fact, he gets the Most Valuable Player award. Him and Hillary! She gets it too.
She is the co-founder if you really looked at my speech…
Hillary gets the Most Valuable Player award having to do with Iraq, and having to do with the ISIS situation. Or as she would call it, ISIL. [Obama] calls it ISIL, nobody else does. He probably wants to bother people by using a different term…
He was the founder of ISIS and so was she. I call them cofounders… Because of the wat he got out [of Iraq]… He shouldn’t have gotten out the way he got out. It was a disaster what he did. 

Is there something wrong with saying that? Are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS?
All I do is tell the truth, I am a truth teller. 


Literally, everyone recognizes the truth here, folks. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton’s failed foreign policies created the maelstrom that gave birth to the Islamic State (ISIS). You can look at the string of decisions made by the Obama administration over the last eight years and draw straight lines from the moment Obama entered offices and Muslim terrorism was at its nadir to today and the resurgence of Al Qaeda, the rise of ISIS, and the flood of Muslim refugees in the West.
Obama is the Founder of all of this chaos. All of it.

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