Saturday, August 20, 2016

Government Of Italy Declares War On Islam

Map illustrating where the Italian special forces are fighting (thanks to Tomaso Pacinotti)
by:Theodore Shoebat

But, according to Pacinotti, the incursions done by Italy are not sufficient to stop the Islamic threat, since they are already innumerable Islamic immigrants in Western Europe, who are bound to strike at any moment. “It’s not enough. Special forces to fight the enemy in Libya… What about the 10’s of thousands of illegal immigrants in Italy, France, Germany and England? How many are refugees and how many are ready to rise up when their Islamist masters order them to? It’s true that they’re in Libya fighting. But what can a handful of special forces do to defeat Islam? Too little too late. The fact that they are there is good. It means that our elite are there to fight.”
Now, it has been said that Italy’s foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, is denying that Italian special forces are in Libya, but this goes contrary to all of the Italian reports. For example, the Italian publication Il Giornale says emphatically, “The Italian special forces are operating in Libya.”

The Minister of Defense, Roberta Pinotti, stated:
“The government believes that the success of the struggle for the elimination of the terrorist power in Libya is of fundamental importance for the security not only of that country but also Europe and Italy”.

Fighting ISIS is noble and righteous, but I am afraid Mr. Pacinotti is right: destroying ISIS will not prevent Islamic expansionism. What we must have within our minds is the truth of the inevitability of the rise of an Islamic Ottoman Empire, which will be far more intelligent, calculative, and versatile than the Islamic terrorist groups that the world has been dealing with in the recent decades. The Neo Ottoman Empire will try to establish an Islamic and pan-Asian world order, adapted to Western technology and science, while at the same time maintaining and advancing eastern supremacist ideology, coalesced by Sufi Islam and amalgamated with social darwinistic thought that will be utilized to justify genocide against Christians deemed “unfit” to live. It happened before: it will happen again. Be prepared for the coming Crusade!
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