Friday, June 10, 2016

Barbarians at the gate: Liberty under siege

By now, we’ve all seen the image. A woman who tried to attend last week’s Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, trapped by a seething horde of bellowing union thugs, illegal aliens and other Democratic stormtroopers. The poor girl, having been “egged” by the anti-Trumpists, looks as terrified as a chubby intern locked in a closet with former President Bill Clinton.

Would that the assault was some kind of outlier; a random, isolated exception rather than the rule. Bad luck kids — it’s the reverse. Not only was it the result of overheated liberals going from zero-to-thug in no time flat, it was nowhere near the worst injury suffered by innocent citizens that day. More to the point, it was a part of a series of coordinated physical attacks on people deemed deserving of such treatment by the left wing elite; a repeat of scenes from places like Detroit, where a similar battalion of thugs launched themselves against peaceable attendees of another Trump rally.

Of course, the liberal elite were in no hurry to distance themselves from the brown shirt-ery. While most managed to mumble condemnations of the violence, spare few managed to do so without qualifying their disavowal. Somehow, their distaste for Trump’s rhetoric mitigated the guilt of the thugs throwing eggs, punches and whatever else came to hand. There was no shortage of “thugsplanations” of how Trump’s rhetoric somehow invites violent response; never mind that’s precisely the logic employed by rapists when they claim they were driven to their crime by their victim’s flirtatious behavior and/or provocative clothing.

Even media figures, already under fire for their mewling fealty to Hillary Clinton, attenuated for the offenses. A reporter for the local NBC affiliate even filed a story with the header “Woman Egged at Donald Trump Protest in San Jose ‘Taunted’ Protesters.” Never mind that the woman was attending a Donald Trump rally, not an anti-Trump protest; the reporter blames her for bringing it on herself, as if only the “protesters” voices mattered. Not once did any leftist pause to consider their response if the racial and political identities of assaulter and assaulted were reversed.

Compounding the Red Brigade-esque tactics of the rank-and-file liberals are the increasingly iron-fisted tactics of the political elite. Global warmists have wormed their way into positions of authority nationwide. Egged on by so-called “Climate Change” high priests like Al Gore and Bill Nye, politicians have taken aim at the very heart of freedom — the 1st Amendment. State Attorneys General from California to the Virgin Islands are trying to find ways to prosecute so-called “climate change deniers.” In Portland, Oregon the taxpayer-funded government schools have moved to ban textbooks that present any alternative to the pseudo-science. The state of New York managed to push Peabody Energy — once the largest non-state-owned coal company on the planet — from a value of over $1,000/share to bankruptcy in less than four years, all without proving Peabody ever violated a single law or regulation. They were literally driven out of business by the costs of fighting off frivolous regulatory sniping; thousands of American jobs burned on the altar of a weather theory which has to be enforced at gunpoint because it can’t pass intellectual muster.

In presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, the nation faces the possibility of a President who literally believes the Bill of Rights — notably the 2nd Amendment — doesn’t necessarily apply to individuals. As the old girl noted in a recent sit down with ex-Clinton stooge George Stephanopolous: “If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations.” That’s a big “if.” Not only is Nana questioning the existence of basic civil liberties, she’s threatening to supersede them with her own prejudices. Let’s all take a moment and imagine how a President Hillary Clinton would enforce her idea of “regulation” of rights she doesn’t really believe you have. Then imagine the same situation, after she’s disarmed the population using the same twisted logic.

And it’s likely to get even worse. Many of the thugs in San Jose were members of the infamously violent Service Employees International Union (SEIU), while many others were Mexican flag-waving illegal aliens. As long as the Democrats are around, the SEIU will ride along like ticks on dogs. And thanks to Obama’s open-borders policies — policies Hillary would likely continue — illegal aliens will spread like a virulent strain of the Zika virus.
From primary school to college to adulthood, the left is attempting a wholesale re-ordering of American society from a land of the free and home of the brave to the safe space of the ignorant and mommy’s basement of the aggrieved. And the violence they’re deploying as their primary tool is backed by an increasingly arrogant ruling elite. The barbarians aren’t at the gate, my friends. They’re in the house, teaching your kids to hate you.

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