Saturday, March 5, 2016

Announcement: Sharlas Labyrinth now endorses Ted Cruz
This has festered long enough now...I like Marco Rubio, however it is not his time...time for him to drop his ego and join with Ted Cruz..I am sure there is a place for him in Ted Cruz's administration a place where he can gain some experience as well as contribute. As for Kasich he needs to also drop his ego...he is part of the establishment not a outsider...he needs to just keep his day job as Ohio Gov and fade into the sunset! 


"We the People" do not want a establishment convention...we want to elect who we choose! The Good,Bad and or Ugly...thats our choice not there's: 

Time for the battle of the giants...David (Ted) vs Goliath (The Donald) shot at the ready Law and Order will take down the boasting Goliath!
Let the battle begin!

The Showdown:


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