Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson Visits Virginia City Ahead of Tuesday's Caucus KTVN Reno

 Street, Virginia City, NV | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson held a town hall meeting in Virginia City early Monday morning. 

Panoramio - Photo of Virginia City; Pipers Opera House
Description Piper's Opera House interior, Virginia City, Nevada.jpg
Dr. Carson spoke to about 450 supporters inside Piper's Opera House on a variety of topics including a flat-rate tax, strengthening our military and increasing our investment in the space program.
"Cutting back the size of federal government, 4.1 million federal employees, tens of thousands of them retire every year, don't replace them."
Carson proposed a healthcare system that would allow users to control their insurance money, like a savings account.
"If we used the money in the right way, then people will have what they need and for poor people, once they understand, it will be so much better than 'Obamacare' for them."
He also told the crowd that he's proud to be a Washington outsider.
"They began to realize that I'm not gonna play their games."
Dayton resident Tracy Schroeder later told us, "I think he's a calm person and will be able to talk to other world leaders and I think he's a smart man, I think he'll bring good business."
Virginia City resident Kirk Jensen said, "I think he's a very good man, a good guy all around, he just doesn't have the money to stay around with the big boys."
He is one of four Republican presidential candidates visiting Northern Nevada ahead of Tuesday's Republican caucus. For a list of scheduled appearances, go to

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Thank you Dr.Ben matter how the primary turns out you get a thumbs up from this Old Fart
/Veteran...resident of  The so alive Ghost town or not ha. Virginia City, Nevada - DesertUSA  .. ya took a 'Step Back in Time'....however please come back this spring and summer..have a .rocking good is all important in a tourist economy related town...yes?  

Haven't seen el Trump'o,Teddy nor Marco...guess it's because they prefer bigger numbers of residents...dunno...dang they need to count ghosts as well as the alive...or not...anywhoo ya be the man..ya took the time to check us out:)

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