Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama cried today...I'm moved here is why...

Barack Obama Crying
oped: Not buying the . tears Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is has never emotionally teared up in 7 + years in office...a lil Ben Gay/Wintergreen under the eyes ~old school stage acting!  

Barack Obama Crying Speech Obama cries in speech to staff
Obama crying/ tearing up at the Sandy Hook Connecticut Press ...
Barack Obama Crying Speech U.s. president barack obama
A  lil dab will do ya when ya need to make a emotional point..fake tears and the way Barry has a habit of rubbing below his eye while making speeches...this dude is a 'B' flick ands ifs or buts about it!

by: Steve Elliot
Today, President Obama wept for all citizens...

He wept for you. He wept for me. He shed tears for his love of country.

Well, he did cry. Or at least, he wiped his hand under his eyes at the close of his speech announcing his ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT EDICT today.

Oh yeah, and he assured us that his EDICT, which bypasses Congress and ignores the Constitution, is fully constitutional. After all, he's a constitutional scholar, so he should know.

What Barack Obama did today was a shameless show of political manipulation in pursuit of his statist goal of more government control over our lives -- along with his unashamed willingness to act as a DICTATOR who is unaccountable to Congress or the People.

That's why I'm calling on every Grassfire team member to take action today to OPPOSE OBAMA'S ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT EDICT by going here

Click HERE to "Protect The 2nd"!
Mr. Obama is willfully bypassing Congress and the Constitution to implement his agenda that greatly infringes on our Second Amendment rights. This new EDICT gives the government-policing forces access to more of your personal information than ever before along with the power to ban millions from owning a gun.
•For the first time, your doctor can now report your "mental instability" to authorities, resulting in a ban on you owning a gun;

•Senior citizens are now being targeted by America's "Radical-in-Chief." For the first time in history, the Social Security Administration will release personal information pertaining to mental capacity of those receiving Social Security benefits to the background-check system (NICS). The Los Angeles Times reports that as many as 4.2 million seniors could technically fit the President's criteria because they are "unable to manage" their own benefits;

•And Mr. Obama's edict will also subject any citizen who sells even his own personal firearm without a government license "to criminal prosecution" and as much as "five years in prison" and $250,000 in fines! 

Of course, we're supposed to just accept this all because...

Obama cried.

The President just justified, with tears, his actions that bypass Congress and threaten our Constitution, in the hopes of perhaps "saving even one life." As he said, "maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence."

Oh, the good intentions of liberals.

Every violation of your liberties and every new tax scheme is justified by good intentions and a few shed tears.

Count me heartless.

But I'm not moved from the solid ground of the Separation of Powers and the Constitution by a "Manipulator-In-Chief" wiping his eyes for all the world to see.

Please click here to instantly support our rights against Obama's assault. 

The "Protect The 2nd" petition states:
As an American citizen, with God-given constitutional rights, I reject any and all efforts by the Obama administration and their allies on the Left to restrict and diminish my rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. While I support reasonable efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, restricting the gun rights of law-abiding citizens cannot and will not be tolerated. I urge you, a duly elected member of Congress, to protect the Second Amendment and, with it, the constitutional gun rights of all Americans. I challenge you today to keep your sworn oath to protect the Constitution and to work diligently and protect my right "to keep and bear arms."

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Warning Signs: Obama Thinks I'm a Democrat

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