Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama Just Got Caught Red Handed At His Gun Speech- He Thought He Could Slip It By, Then…

"Not even close to being true." 
Twitter lit up Tuesday after President Obama made the claim that violent felons can go online and buy weapons “with no background check, no questions asked.”
The assertion came as part of a lengthy address from the East Room of the White House on the executive actions Obama is taking to increase gun control in America.
Gun-rights advocate and radio talk show host Dana Loesch was quick to call out the president on his claim.

In the article she linked, Loesch points out that those purchasing guns online must go through the same background checks as those purchasing them at retail locations:

Background checks already exist for purchases made online…When you purchase guns online they aren’t shipped to your house like an Amazon delivery. They must be shipped to a FFL [Federal Firearms Licensed dealer] where you then go, fill out a 4473 [Firearm Transaction Record], get your background check, and if cleared you can take it home. Period. This law already exists.
You cannot carry a firearm, much less purchase one, if you are a prohibited possessor be it at a store, gun show, or Internet. Period. It’s already regulated.
In an interview with Townhall, Lars Dalseide, with the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action confirmed Loesch’s statement. “When it comes to online sales, guns can only be transferred to the buyer through a federally licensed firearms dealer – that’s the law,” Dalseide said. 
Bud’s Gun Shop, which bills itself as the top online seller of firearms in world, put together a tutorial video last year, which explains how online gun purchases work in compliance with current federal law.

Loesch was not alone in quickly calling out Obama’s lie about online gun purchases. Twitchy cataloged several responses:

Obama online guns
The so-called universal background checks Obama seeks would make the transfer of firearms between private individuals through sale, trade, gift or inheritance subject to federal law, and therefore criminal prosecution.
Critics have pointed out that none of the changes the president wants would have prevented any of the mass shootings in recent years including Sandy Hook, Charleston, Chattanooga, Oregon or San Bernardino.
Townhall reported that a University of Chicago study found criminals, by-in-large and not surprisingly, avoid obtaining guns through legal means.  
h/t: Townhall

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