Friday, November 27, 2015

#Word Marco Rubio /TedCruz ...Reagans 11th Commandment!

 walking eagle obama
Stop attacking each other you are just helping the opposition...stay on course attack the Obama administration not fellow conservatives...y'all are starting to look like el pollo mas amigos as Native Americans say... the two of you Legal Eagle Attorneys...should know better! Therefore we are naming the two of you 'Walking Eagles' #2 and # 3 Too full of s*** to fly #WakeUp and fly!  

Yeah… I’d leg it if I were you Mr Magpie.
[Yeah… I’d leg it if I were you Mr Magpie....get the hint?]
Because the two of yuz are imitating the so called Harvard Legal Eagle # 1 Barry Barack Obama who was given this name!
Funny Indian Tribal Names

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