Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bluto's Big Speech....

Yes indeed...I so relate to Bluto from Animal House...I grew up during Happy Days/American Graffiti...When Boys were Boys...Girls were confusion...if someone brought up the term Transgender/Homosexual the first thought that came to mind was Nero/Caligula...yes I grew up when history was still taught in school...when the ABC's, History,Science and Math ruled oh and football and cheerleaders:) all they teach from elementary school through college is social engineering,protesting and down right BS!  #DumbedDown

Yes I feel like I am a cross between Bluto/Paul Revere/and Wolfman Jack... by the way Wolfman Jack was my mentor in HS and as a non paid intern call screener for KRLA Pasadena while in my first semester of college...before I dropped out to join the Army Cav during the Viet Nam era!

I keep sounding the alarm...'The Jihadis are coming' no avail, everyone seems to be dumbed down via our school system and weak kneed~limp wristed politicals who only care about reelections 'Damn the Torpedos~full Steam ahead'! another WWII era quote that should be paid attention to.
As a kid I had nightmares about our future... when the inmates take over the asylum... I blame the movie "One Flew over the Cucko's Nest" for making this a reality { We now have the Obama administration}...'hand to forehead slap' are ya getting the drift of my diatribe yet? I sure hope so because this old veteran thinks my service was in vain as do many veterans... I/we are   getting close to throwing in the proverbial towel and becoming prepper's as all seems to be lost !

So are ya with me or do I just kiss y'all off as a lost cause? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..let's go?

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