Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama’s Asinine Statements and Inactions Concerning ISIS
oped:Yes indeed Barry Barack Obama is the proverbial JV team in all things in life...Smokey the Bear says: time for this idiot to pack his bags and exit stage left from the peoples house ! The White House will never be the same after this squatters will take a major clean up crew to make it livable again! 

So Obama says: 
 brave firefighter

There is no doubt that ISIS is a major threat to the United States and rest of the world. The United States needs to make a definitive decision to either fully commit to fighting ISIS or do nothing. At the moment, Obama seems incapable of making that decision. The best way to describe his efforts to fight ISIS is like someone trying to fight a 100,000 acre wildfire with a garden hose. 

To support my statement, I turn to The New York Post which just reported:
“American sorties are at a fraction of the level of the 2003 or 1991 Iraq wars, the 2001 Afghan campaign or even President Bill Clinton’s Serbia intervention.”
“And tight US ‘rules of engagement’ leave up to 75 percent of American planes returning to base without dropping a single bomb.”
The statement by the New York Post was part of their response to the absurd declaration made by White House about their key role in France’s response to the ISIS attack on Paris. Josh Earnest appeared on the Morning Joe MSNBC show where he said that Obama deserves the credit for France’s actions. Earnest stated:
“It is because of [US-French intelligence] cooperation and because of the kind of logistical support that only the United States can provide that France is actually even in a position to ramp up the strikes that they took.”

His comment has come across as a desperate attempt to dispel the growing number of criticisms being raised over Obama’s lack of action. The NY Post stated that Obama’s lack of action is the reason why France has so many targets to go after and why it looks like they are suddenly so much in the war against ISIS.

However, it’s possible that the reason Obama has taken so little action against ISIS is that US intelligence officials said that they do not believe that ISIS has the ability to produce nerve gas or biological agents without hurting themselves. Yet, Lt. Gen. Richard Zahner, Retired, warns of being naïve. Zahner, who served as the top US military intelligence officer in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, commented saying the US has regularly underestimated the abilities of ISIS. He also pointed out that ISIS has a greater financial support than al Qaeda ever had.
So who is to blame for our ineptness – Barack Obama and his love for fellow Muslims or our intelligence officials that continue to underestimate ISIS?
I’ve been advocating that the US bring our troops home from the Middle East and have them protect us, but with the growing threat of ISIS, perhaps it’s time we coordinate with our allies to mount an all-out against ISIS. Send out troops into Syria and Iraq in such a mass effort and wipe them off the face of earth. Then bring our troops home and have them protect our borders from all intruders.

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