Saturday, November 7, 2015

I'm all Army but hey... Go Navy... football & Midshipmen Naptown Funk who knew!

Even Army and Air Force folks are going to be impressed with this video. A bunch of officers-in-training took to the streets of Annapolis to make a rollicking version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' number one hit "Uptown Funk." Get ready for "Naptown Funk"! 

Addendum: Ok Army WestPoint Cadets...Navy always seems to kick yo butts in football...let's not let em' kick yo butts in music about a parody on Old Time Rock and Roll..Bob Seger...this old Army vet old school no likee funky,hip hop Navy stuff..Go Army put on yo tightee

Oh and a after thought Army, remember *Army Strong* one squad doesn't take a village to raise a real team leader...ha Navy seems to subscribe to the Hillary Clinton philosophy..."It takes a village"

Que: 'In The Navy'  Need I say more?  Yes just remember the silly Navy movie ..."Down Periscope" 

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