Friday, September 11, 2015

WWI, WWII, 2015 refugees, Germany allied with Islam Once Again!

Ok I am growing weary sounding the alarm to stupid people who lack the initiative to research history...'those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat' and yes we are definetly in a repeat performance...News flash both Russia and China hate Islam they are taking zip/zero/nada Islam're probably saying... then why are they assisting Iran and Syria if thats the case?...hello they are using them to destroy the West from within ...after they have been used no doubt in my mind Russia and China will totally destroy the Middle East Islamic movement take their oil etc ...think people... stupid Germany will take 800,000 and France a few more they raised their collective hands saying we will take the Muslim refugees...Obama chimes in we will take 10,000 by my executive order after all Barry Barack Hussein Obama loves the sound of call to prayer...oh and no mention of Christian refugees mind ya just Islamist un vetted! 

Fact: WWI: Germany allied to the Muslim Ottoman Empire against Western Democracies (bleeds Europe to death)

WWII: Muslim countries that were not F/Brit colonies sided with Hitler against Western Democracies (all European colonies fall)

2015: Merkel opens the gates of Vienna to Syrian Islam refugees.Third Reich revisited? (Third try of Germany at killing Democracy in Europe succeeds?)
PS: decision taken on Sept 4th, one week too early to mark the anniversary of the victory brought by Jan Sobieski

Migrants Can Enter Austria and Germany, Official Says
SEPT. 4, 2015

BUDAPEST — Thousands of refugees who have been bottled up in Hungary, demanding passage to the West, will be allowed into Austria and Germany, the Austrian chancellor said late Friday.

After several days of chaos and civil disobedience by the migrants, Hungarian officials threw in the towel and allowed the people living in a squalid encampment in a below-ground plaza outside the city’s main train station onto more than 40 buses headed for the Austrian border, as they had been demanding.

“On the basis of the current situation of need, Austria and Germany agree to allow in this case the onward journey of these refugees into their countries,” {800,000 more]Chancellor Werner Faymann of Austria wrote on his Facebook page. ... -news&_r=0 

Oh and let's not forget your history reading assignment..Wake the F' up people..or relive the horrendous past Again!

Muftism and Nazism: World War II Collaboration. Documents


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