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Facebook Ok’s Posts To Kill Jews, But Remove Anti-Muslim, Anti-Homosexual Pages

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If you want your Facebook page to remain published, then be careful what you post. You’re safe if you keep your posts to family matters. It seems you’re even safe if your posts bash Christians, Jews, Republicans and conservatives.
However, if you post anything that is anti-Muslim, anti-homosexual or anti-liberal anything, including blasting leading Democrats, don’t be surprised if Facebook unpublishes your page. It could even happen if someone responds to something you post with any of the anti-items listed above; your page could be banned and removed. 
I just learned that last week, one of my colleagues was banned from running any more Facebook ads because of his conservative posts. Likewise, the Facebook page for Patriot Nation, with 689,000 likes, was just unpublished by Facebook without any prior notice. Here is what Matt Duncan of Patriot Nation posted about the Facebook ban: 

“Well folks, it has happened and in the middle of the night. I awoke this morning to find the following notification from Facebook:  

FB Notification 


“As you can see at the bottom of the image, I appealed the decision so that should take care of the problem, right? If only it were that easy then it would be no big deal but unfortunately, it’s impossible to correct the problem when we have no idea why the page was unpublished to begin with. None of the articles or memes are a violation of the Facebook Terms or Community Standards and never at anytime have we ‘bullied’ someone so therein lies the problem.
You can’t fix the problem unless the problem is clearly identified and anyone who’s had any dealings with the Facebook moderators knows they ban people whenever they choose, even when the content doesn’t violate anything in their terms and guidelines. In fact, it has happened to me many times before and each time I received a ban I would check to see if the Facebook Terms or Community Standards had changed, always noticing they hadn’t, which clearly indicates that Facebook moderators play by their own rules regardless of what the Facebook Terms or Community Standards say. 

On multiple occasions I and others have reported pages that outright call for the killing of Jews and other people, only to receive a reply from Facebook that it doesn’t violate anything. So, let me get this straight…calling for the death of someone is ‘OK’ by Facebook but an internet meme or article that calls out the hypocrisy of an individual or group is off limits? 

The biggest problem with Facebook is that it isn’t consistent across the board because two people or pages may post the same image and whereas one may be ‘punished’ by Facebook, the other is allowed to continue unscathed. This has been the case in times past when we’ve posted an image or article that’s been posted by another page and we received a reprimand from Facebook but the page that it originated from received no such reprimand.
For example, I was banned 30 days on two separate occasions for posting the following images, neither of which violate ANYTHING in the Facebook Terms or Community Standards

muslim mms

This was posted to create discussion, and resulted in a 30 day ban. Had the image mentioned something about Christians or white people, the image likely wouldn’t have been taken down.
So where do we go from here, what do we do now that the page has been unpublished? The appeal has been submitted so now we wait but we aren’t optimistic about the outcome of the appeal. Our page has been the bane of liberal’s existence since it was created and it’s well known that Facebook is a haven for liberals and breeding ground for liberalism so the likelihood of our appeal being successful is slim. 

Home internet Facebook e l’identità di genere
[MarkZuckerberg SF gay pride parade]
In any case, we will keep you posted on the outcome.”
Facebook is not just a social media website, but an agenda driven social media website and it’s clear what their agenda is. They are anti-American, Anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-conservative. Determine for yourself if you wish to continue to use Facebook and if you do, be careful what you post or you may not be posting anything else.

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