Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey Donald Trump...sorry ya don't impress me much!

You come on scene ranting and the inuendo you are the new David and ya gonna slay Goliath..!
News flash ya ain't no David...just a real estate flipper who made mucho bucks...sorry money does not impress me...Navy Seals,Green Berets and Army Rangers impress me...they be broke ass in money but rich in spirit,patriotism and real accomplishments.

All we hear from you is "I am really rich"... like that helps us? we the lil people...and "I will make America great again"...then a cut or two on your far we have heard no specifics on just how you will accomplish all these hollow promises...I see no difference from any other politician....promises~promises~promises...talkin' smack and having a party...I will give you credit for stirring the proverbial pot...but thats where it ends...stop the BS and show us how you will make America great again!

Oh and may I suggest a little humility to God and ask forgiveness for your grievous of the deadly sins friend! 6'3" 270 lbs of dynomite with a two inch fuse...hello Mr false Pride. What God gives he can take away at the blink of the eye!

Shania Twain says it best about y'all bloviators...hit it Shania 


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