Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Profiling...a Law enforcement tool...indeed it is!

... insight into the FBI’s criminal profiling history and approach
I for one am really getting tired of all the attacks on Law Enforcement about profiling...hello the terminology and practice of profiling actually came into being mid 1970's The FBI started paying attention to reports coming in re: how  Law enforcement officers established probable cause in order to make a righteous stop on a person of interest...I worked the Mexican border as a Customs Patrol Officer 1975-1986...LE officers  working the streets must go on gut feeling/experience  substantiated  by given facts in order to effect probable cause for a suspected how does one go about that you say?...Well how about a example to lead one to a conclusion...working the border the midnight shift I see two vehicles leaving the area of the vehicle is a family driving a mini-motorhome...heading northbound on the highway within the speed limits...

The second vehicle was observed leaving the border area from a side is a older large trunk low rider vehicle with obvious air is driven by a lone Mexican male ( not the only factor but important as most smugglers are in fact lone Mexican males in the 20's range) and entered the highway with lights blacked who do you think a law enforcement officer is going to put a priority on...only one stop is possible being that budget restrictions  and lack of manpower to stop both vehicles?Yes you guessed it...profiling will play a big part and result in a righteous stop,search,seizure and arrest...just a proven fact Jack!

This also applies today as it did yesterday before the ACLU,SPLC and the progressive looney left party came into being! This also applies to terrorism/gang activity as well, who ya gonna look at a family,a nun,a hottie in a bikini a old white fart obviously doing normal things or the proven fact that most if not all terrorists are in fact Middle East of the Islam faith and most gang members are for the most part ' 13' (Mexicans) or (Blacks ) 'African Americans' as the cripts &  bloods etc!

I could go on and on with examples...however I am sure you get the picture YES?

The FBI way taught at the FBI academy...hello !

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Now someone please tell me just what part does not Eric Holder and Barack Obama get...oh wait they are part of the problemo neither was ever vetted properly...HELLO! #FBI do your damn job already, profile these two criminals...leave the rest of us alone already!

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