Sunday, November 30, 2014

ALERT: Eric Holder Makes Huge Announcement About What He’s Going to Do to Ferguson Police

Eric Holder’s People
oped: Are you tired of Eric Holder trying to smear police officers as villains? Please share this..! Congress really needs to Impeach,arrest and prosecute this SOB!  


via: Conservative Tribune
It looks like Eric Holder just doesn’t know when to quit.
It was just announced that Holder promised Ferguson protesters that the Department of Justice would “aggressively investigate” the police department in that Missouri city.
Holder has already tried to go after Officer Darren Wilson, who was forced to shoot black 18-year-old Michael Brown.
That attempt to turn Wilson into a villain failed in court when a Grand Jury declined to indict the officer — but now Wilson has been forced to leave his job and live in fear.
Ruining one officer’s life was not enough for Eric Holder, it seems. According to reports, Holder recently stated that the DOJ was “moving strongly” in an investigation of the entire Ferguson police department.

Of course, that police department has other things on their minds at the moment… such as preventing mobs of black thugs from burning down the city.
Ferguson has been plagued by violent and destructive riots on and off since August, while the worst incidents happened after the Grand Jury decision.
“Police have arrested more than 400 people nationwide in two nights of protests,” reported the Huffington Post.
That news site also claimed that Holder and the Department of Justice might try to use a 1994 Federal law that prohibits a so-called “pattern or practice” that violates the constitutional rights of a group.
It’s not clear how a police department enforcing the law and arresting violent criminals has now become unconstitutional.

Again, it’s important to remember that the evidence shows that Officer Wilson broke no laws, and considering the war zone that has erupted in the city, the Ferguson police department has actually exercised remarkable restraint.
Here’s a question worth asking: Why doesn’t Holder and the DOJ investigate the violent protesters who have connections to extremist groups, and who have burned and looted their way through the city?
If the Obama administration is so concerned with the rights and lives of black citizens, then why do they continue to ignore the appalling rate of black-on-black crime that is committed every day?
This seems not to be about actual justice, but instead about a liberal agenda. It’s clear that both Holder and Obama have a strong disdain for law enforcement officers… but maybe it’s time to let cops do their jobs and clean up the streets in Ferguson.

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