Monday, December 30, 2013

MSNBC Blasts Palin For Owning Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: takfoto (Creative Commons)

There seems to be no depth to which MSNBC will sink in its effort to attack conservative leaders. While hosts such as Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, and Toure have established a broadcasting career that centers on attaching the “racist” label to anyone to their political right, other hosts prefer to trash Christian values.
When Joy Reid anchored The Ed Show recently, she unsuccessfully used this tactic to castigate Sarah Palin for violating biblical teachings. Of course, Reid merely exposed the fact that she is hopelessly unqualified to opine about God’s Word.
The same host recently led an interview with correspondent Michael Eric Dyson during which the latter proclaimed a man’s love for Jesus appears “interestingly homoerotic.”

This time, Reid attacked Palin for putting up a Christmas tree in her own home, citing a passage in Jeremiah as her basis for criticism.
“Certain parts of the Bible also appear to preach against let’s say, I don’t know, Christmas trees,” she alleged, quoting scripture that rails against erecting false idols. In reality, it is the idolatry – not the tree itself – for which God reprimanded man.
At least that is the consensus of numerous Christian leaders including the experts at Instead of representing an imaginary god, the site said Christmas trees can actually serve as a symbol of worship toward Christ.
In Jeremiah’s time, the site explains, “God’s people were following the customs of the heathen who cut down trees, shaped the wood into idols, decorated them with silver and gold ornaments, and worshiped them as gods.”

Today, on the other hand, the site said Christmas trees can be a meaningful part of a faith-based celebration.
“It has been suggested that the branches of the tree pointing upward can signify praise to God,” the response continued. “The star at the top can represent the star of Bethlehem. Also, the green of the evergreens has been recognized as symbolic of eternal life, God’s gift to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
To Reid, however, such distinctions likely have no impact compared to her vitriolic attack of Palin. She is a host, after all, on the same network that stood by Martin Bashir for weeks following his vile suggestion the former Alaska governor should have human waste forced into her mouth.
For MSNBC, it is obvious ideology trumps accuracy, sincerity and, obviously, ratings.
Photo Credit: takfoto (Creative Commons)

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