Tuesday, December 31, 2013

70-Year-Old Grandfather Attacked In A Drive-By Knockout

buffy black widow
A 70-year-old man, James Gorman, was pushing his wheelchair-bound wife across the street in their neighborhood, their granddaughter sitting in the wife’s lap, when a car stopped to avoid hitting them.
Two 20-year-olds then emerged from the car and beat the grandfather. Can you guess who those two 20-year-olds were?
That’s right, he was beaten by two blonde-haired, blue-eyed, female Dutch immigrants.
What? Not what you expected? Why didn’t you expect that? Was there some other type of person you expected who would give a septuagenarian a black eye and tear his rotator cuff?

Surely you can’t have thought the two people in the car were young black males. That certainly would have fit the pattern we’ve seen lately, but it would be racist to acknowledge such a pattern. You wouldn’t want to be called a racist, would you?
Well, bad news: you are a racist. Your initial assumption—and don’t deny you thought it—that the two attackers were black males is correct. They weren’t white, they weren’t females, and they weren’t Dutch. I lied to you. They were young black males.
Cars in Gorman’s neighborhood typically drive too fast for his taste. He worries for the children at play.

So on Friday, as he noticed a car speeding in their direction, Gorman stepped into the street as a way of alerting the driver that there are people around and to please slow down.
Certain groups of people don’t like being told what to do, especially by honkies. Unfortunately, it was members of that group who were in the car Gorman was trying to get to slow down.
Coming to stop where Gorman stood at the side of the road, two black 20-year-olds emerged from the car, went up to Gorman, and pummeled him to unconsciousness, throwing into their punches all the might of their chip-hoisting shoulders.
When Gorman came to, the Knockout-Americans were driving away and his wife had fallen out of her wheelchair attempting to help him. Neighborhood children were crying at what they had just witnessed.

Better get used to it, children. This is the way America is and this is the way it will stay since all of our leaders, even those hardcore conservative ones, both in politics and in leading conservative blogs, are too weak, cowardly, and politically correct to do something more than just talk and make excuses for these people.
I guess being called a racist is worse than watching your own race get bullied and pushed around in your own country and bred out of existence with multiculturalism. Slow genocide is more preferable to being called names.

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