Monday, November 11, 2013

Politicians Are Actors In An Absurd Theater
Politicians are employees of the government. The government pays their salaries and their health insurance premiums and funds their pensions. So it should come as no surprise that they always work to grow and expand government.
Government programs are never cut. Even when politicians are arguing over cutting some so-called “entitlement” or government agency, the cuts they talk about are cuts in growth. There are never any serious discussions about actually cutting government.
On the Federal level there is just one political party, and it is the government party. Any belief that there is any significant difference between Democrats and Republicans is pure fantasy. All supposed differences are merely Kabuki theater designed to keep the people distracted from the behind-the-scenes machinations of the elites. This is aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream media, which functions as a propaganda arm of the government and the parties.

Politicians — with only a handful of exceptions — do not care about the Constitution and generally see it as an impediment to their objective. Their No. 1 goal is to do the will of their masters, the moneyed elites and secret societies that use governments to advance their agendas. That way, politicians can hold on to their places of prominence and supposed “power” in government for as long as possible.
That’s why politicians who wear the “R” label as well as those who wear the “D” label are working in concert against those who seek to reign in government, reduce its scope, return it to its Constitutional parameters and reduce government spending.
Tea Party people — that is the original Tea Party people who are the small-business owners, veterans, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, homemakers and retirees who form the backbone of the country — conservative Constitutionalists and libertarians are vilified by the MSM, the Republican Party establishment and Democrats. Their efforts to reign in government and return America to a republic with free market capitalism — as opposed to the crony capitalism/fascism that currently exists — are derided as whacky, crazy and dangerous by the elected establishment and their enablers. Of special note is the similar language used by both “sides” to denigrate them.
That is because Tea Party people, conservatives and libertarians are rocking the establishment boat. The elites see them as a danger that could upset their designs.
Most people who are aware of politics on at least a basic level remain trapped in a false left/right paradigm. This includes most Tea Party people and most who consider themselves conservative.

It does not matter which Party is in control of the government at any given time. Regardless of whether the President and/or Congress is led by the “R” people or the “D” people, money debasement continues unabated, wars are started or expanded, regulations increase, the dependent class grows and government becomes more overbearing and more totalitarian.
Tea Party people and other conservatives are beating their collective heads against the proverbial wall attempting to reform the system by changing the Republican Party. I believe this is a fool’s errand. While there will be some success at ousting statist and progressive big-government office holders, the establishment is too entrenched and has pockets too deep for this effort to make significant headway.
Look at the most recent gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey. In Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli was conservative enough to draw the endorsement of Ron Paul, who called Cuccinelli a “Constitutionalist.” Cuccinelli has also been a leader in opposing Obamacare and filed the first State lawsuit against the individual mandate.
Trailing by double digits in the polls just a couple of weeks prior to the election, Cuccinelli closed the gap on Terry McAuliffe as the election neared, despite being underfunded and vastly outspent and having a faux libertarian candidate stealing 7 percent of the vote. Then the GOP establishment abandoned him. Obviously, the GOP establishment preferred Bill Clinton’s bagman over a “Constitutionalist” Governor in Virginia.
In New Jersey Chris Christie won re-election over token Democrat opposition. Christie is now the darling of the establishment, but he is no conservative. Like the GOP elites, Christie disdains Tea Party people and Constitutionalists. He ignored Cuccinelli’s pleas for an assist through a brief campaign stop. Cuccinelli took the anti-Obamacare vote and won even among married women and independents, so it’s quite possible that a Christie appearance on his behalf might have swayed a contest that Cuccinelli lost by 2 percent.

The promotion of Christie for GOP contender by the elites has begun. On Friday, Christie made his comedic debut on “The Michael J. Fox Show.” On Sunday, Christie prattled and preened on the Sunday “news” shows. Establishment types like Mitt Romney and Senator Orrin Hatch are touting him as the hope of the party in 2016. Big money is lining up behind him, including U.S. Chamber of Commerce money that is at the same time pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, an act would hasten the destruction of the U.S. economy.
Yet Christie has done nothing to turn around his State’s economy. Unemployment in New Jersey remains above 8 percent, and it is ranked 49th in the Tax Foundation’s State business tax climate index. If he becomes the GOP’s standard bearer in 2016, the conservatives will abandon him as they did John McCain and Romney.
The Federal government and Congress are losing credibility as more and more people awaken to the slow-motion downfall of America. The country is in a fast-lane collapse economically, morally and socially.
Make no mistake. The master plan is to devalue the U.S. dollar, but to do it gradually. That’s why the elites can’t allow Constitutionalists and the Tea Party people to succeed.
The vote is meaningless and has been for 50 years. When you see politicians vote one way then turn around and vote to disapprove of their votes, you must surely realize that Washington is a show: It is a theater of the absurd.

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