Thursday, November 14, 2013

Memo to Supreme Court Greece Is Not Congress Michael Anthony Peroutka

It must be difficult for a mentally unhealthy President to watch his signature legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act---the most prized accomplishment of his Presidency---go down in flames; especially for America's crown prince of arrogance, Barrack Hussein Obama.
Had a young Barry Soetoro been taught humility---instead of foolish pride---the boy who became King would have known better than to assume all his days would be full of accolades. Then again, maybe he is not capable of knowing the difference.
ci_110108_obama_sad_face_ap_283_regularPresident Obama has never had to face failure in his life. Adversity perhaps, but not failure. President Obama has spent his life running away from his failures by seeking temporary and risky pleasures that fed his fragile ego and gratified his desire to be happy: Exotic travel, drugs, homosexual encounters, Islam. All collide with common man causes and a playboy appetite; all disturbing and conflicted excesses; all difficult for anyone to make sense of.


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