Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Comatose GOP…. Time To Pull The Plug!

Boehner Crying1 The Comatose GOP.... Time to pull the plug!
(The following was posted in response to an excellent article at yesterday’s Freedom Outpost website. It is entitled “67 Million Missing from ObamaCare Slush Fund.”)
While this is just business as usual for our flagrantly illegitimate and abusive “administration,” our outrage here should be with the Republicans whom we continue to elect to “represent” us. They do not. Is there any reason why we should have to email or call them to ASK them to do something about this? If we had a mid-level manager in a company we owned, who was involved with the budget, and he didn’t become irate over something like this, he would be summarily dismissed.

This is true of dozens of issues – Benghazi, the IRS Tea Party Prosecution Scandal, Voter Fraud in the last election, the “Justice” Department’s openly-announced refusal to enforce DOMA (or to investigate Black-on-White voter intimidation or crime), Fast and Furious, Trayvon Martin (with civil unrest actually being fomented by OUR government over this patent fraud), the “Arab Spring” (unrest being fomented by OUR State Department with the help of Google – all to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power), the NDAA, Homeland “Security” buying billions of rounds of high caliber ordinance, FEMA Camps all over the nation, the militarizing of our police, the institution of Martial Law (Boston), the illegal NSA gathering of personal information on every U.S. Citizen, the intimidation and prosecution of whistleblowers, the failure to protect our borders or prosecute illegal aliens, the absolute and abusive invasion of privacy and charade of Airport “security,” and the patent absurdity of disarming our soldiers on our own military bases, while refusing to prosecute (much less punish) those who slaughter our soldiers (in the name of Allah) as a result, even refusing to call it an act of terror. I could go on and on, and all of this is just off the top of my head!

WHAT ARE ANY OF OUR REPUBLICAN “REPRESENTATIVES” DOING ABOUT ANY OF THIS? You know the answer, don’t you? And they shouldn’t need to be told or begged to do any of it. Once more, this would be grounds for dismissal if an employee at any level didn’t address such obvious outrages on his or her watch!
Time for a Third Party. The People and their (our) Constitution are no longer being represented. Notice that the GOP is now attacking Ted Cruz, one of only three GOP Senators worth their salt (Lee and Paul being the other two). The GOP would be laughable if they weren’t specifically there to enrich themselves at the People’s expense. That being the case (and it is a matter of public record for the members of BOTH parties), it is absolutely time to change horses!
The time for compromising the Rule of Law, while simultaneously tolerating the abuse of it – by those sworn to uphold it – is past. The GOP is dead! Only the clinically insane would continue to vote for these people while expecting them to do something different from what they have ALWAYS done!
Has John Boehner represented us after WE gave him a clear majority in the House? To this day, he is cutting deals with our illegal “president” over ObamaCare, in direct opposition to our clearly-expressed will! His performance is disgraceful…and yet the newly-elected and numerically-strengthened Republican Majority immediately re-elected him as their “leader” upon being swept into office by US, the true Conservatives, eleven months ago! The Republican Congress may be the only group of people on Earth more comatose than those of us who continue to elect them!

We must not expect that those who feel the need to compromise their message when campaigning (to appease the Left and their media minions) will somehow feel (and do) otherwise once elected. We need men and women – and a PARTY – who are willing to speak the whole truth and stand by it, KNOWING two things: That the now-Marxist “Mainstream” (please!) Media, receiving its marching orders from Soros and surrogates, will seek to destroy them, while REAL Americans will unanimously stand by them!
Only by speaking and standing by the truth will we be free. There is no other way. Only the Brave are willing to do so, however…and that starts with US…yep, you and me. The ONLY thing that matters in the short or long term is that WE be willing to speak and stand by the truth – individually first, then collectively – simply because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Until we do, we will continue to be “represented” by people who are also unwilling to do so!
This isn’t complicated….
J. T. Galt

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