Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Report From The Front Lines In The War Between Catholics And Obama

by: Kevin "coach" Collins 
CINO (Catholic In Name Only) Democrat Ohio State Senator has become the latest abortion/gay “marriage” supporter to discover that the Catholic Church is serious about standing up for Her teachings about the sanctity of life and morality. Those who would trample on Catholic Church doctrine for their own selfish reasons will continue to learn this lesson.
Last week, State Senator Robert Hagan had his nose rubbed in the reality of the War between the Catholic Church and Barack Obama when he was disinvited to speak at this month’s commencement at Mercy School of Nursing, a Catholic school in Youngstown, Ohio.
The disinvitation came at the direction of Bishop George V. Murry, the head of the Diocese of Youngstown.
 In his statement explaining his action, Bishop Murry commented, “It recently came to my attention, without any proper review by my office, that the Mercy School of Nursing, a Catholic institution, invited Representative Robert Hagan to be its commencement speaker at the Cathedral of St. Columba. While I respect and appreciate many of the social justice positions taken by Representative Hagan, it remains a fact that he also has consistently voted for pro-abortion legislation, policies, and funding. As Catholics, we must in good conscience oppose Representative Hagan’s position in support of abortion. Therefore, I asked the Mercy School of Nursing, a Catholic sponsored institution, to rescind their invitation to Representative Hagan to speak at the Nursing School graduation.”
Hagan’s response was sour, but predictable.
After first complaining about the short notice of the disinvitation, the snarky Hagan referenced Bishop Murrys having acted on “directives he’s getting from the Vatican” (as if a Catholic Bishop needs a message from the Vatican to defend Catholic doctrine.) The fact that Bishop Murry is an African American begs the question of whether he would say such a thing about a white Bishop.
Toward the end of his statement, Hagan seemed to announce his own self-imposed excommunication from the Catholic Church saying, “I’m not a genuflecting Catholic any longer. I define myself and describe myself as a Catholic. I’ve had problems with the Catholic Church since the Vietnam War. I’m 63 years old, and I thought the Church should’ve taken a tougher stance against the war, and the Catholic Church take a less inclined, a less activist position on gay rights and gay marriage.”
Hagan learned that babble about a war that ended 37 years ago won’t work to change the subject. Elected abortion and Gay “marriage” supporting CINOs around the country (most of whom are Democrats) ought to take notice. You are free to walk down the street any Sunday morning, but you are no longer free to masquerade as a Catholic while trampling Catholic doctrine. The war is on. Your boss started it, and the Catholic Church will not back down.
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