Friday, March 16, 2012


Newt 2012

Newt's senior adviser Randy Evans was on CNN this week explaining the delegate math that he outlined in his recent strategy memo . The bottom line is that halftime of the Republican nomination process is the Louisiana primary on March 24. Despite what the Romney campaign, the Washington Establishment, and the elite media want you to believe, this race is far from over.
With no candidate remotely close to 1,144 delegates, the magic number needed to secure the nomination, the nomination will not be decided until the fourth quarter.
That's why Mike Huckabee and others are saying it would be foolish for Newt to drop out. Here's what Governor Huckabee said on Laura Ingraham's show yesterday:
Gingrich should stay in the race simply because any one of the candidates could have a moment where they slip up and the opening will be created.
Political Scientist Jamie Hunter agrees, writing that Newt brings enthusiasm to the race and a focus on issues that the other candidates are ignoring.
Gingrich's continued presence also helps the democratic process. Primaries are all about choice, but a shrinking field denies that. Gingrich brings attention to some issues that Romney and Santorum have glossed over, such as energy policy, science, and innovation. Voters should have the broadest understanding of how the GOP will address the critical issues so that they can make the most informed vote choice. Big states like New York, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania also deserve to a multi-candidate pool. These states have a huge share of the national population, and their primaries will indicate where the larger electorate stands on the candidates. This was one of the main reasons why Republicans revamped their 2012 primary rules.
The Tampa Bay Times editorial page is also urging Newt stay in the race, editorializing yesterday that Newt has campaigned hard and the RNC Convention in August might be "hotter than we expected."This race is going to be decided by a big debate - a big choice - among GOP primary voters about the future of the Republican Party; what it stands for, and which candidate has the most compelling vision and most credibility to carry forward a conservative governing agenda.
That is the debate Newt is going to win, and with your generous support today, the nomination and the election.
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Newt 2012

Newt 2012

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