Friday, March 16, 2012

'Gay' activism dealt blow in progressive Europe

by Bob Unruh
“Gay” activism and its demand for “marriage” rights, adoption rights and spousal benefits has taken a hit in a normally progressive forum with the rejection by the European Court of Human Rights of a lesbian’s attempt to adopt her partner’s child.
The case came out of France, where the lesbian had demanded the right to adopt her partner’s daughter, only to be refused by French courts. The courts ruled that only married couples are allowed the privilege.
The European court then rejected a claim that the discrimination was based on the woman’s sexual lifestyle, pointing out that all unmarried couples in France face the same ban.
Gregor Puppinck of the European Center for Law and Justice said the ruling “provides important specifications on the issue of adoption and artificial procreation for homosexual partners.”
The ruling, 6-1, is a “severe defeat for the LGBT rights advocates,” he said.
The case was Gas at DeBois v. France.
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