Friday, March 16, 2012

High Gas price Myth...busted..!

[op ed] by Sharlas Labrinth
Time to get real and address the issue at hand...It cost approximately .26 cents to produce one gallon of gas from oil...add approximately .20 cents for finding/drilling and transportation... then add .10 cents for road maintenance tax...this adds up to .56 cents per gallon...even if those who produce and sell the gas add a 100% mark-up for profit ...gas should be no more than $1.12 per gallon...and thats a pretty good profit margin!
Now why are we paying so much for gas?...well Speculators with pure greed on their minds cause' the price to sky-rocket along with  excessive hidden Federal taxes..
Gas prices could drop to $1.12 tomorrow if rules for speculators included they must pay up front and take immediate delivery of their so called speculation bids(I would bet not so many would speculate) well as having Congress repeal all excessive hidden taxes...gas/fuel is a necessity as compared to should not be taxed!

See I solved the problem without diatribing 80,000 pages of gobbely confuse the reader!

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