Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Who is to blame the gun or the mentally ill shooters...?

Does it matter if it is a semi-auto or bolt action rifle? Depends on the shooters ability....however it is never the guns fault....just a fact Jack


Aug 1 1966

Charles Whitman, The Texas Bell Tower Sniper, Kills 14 

[His choice of weapon a bolt action high powered hunting rifle]  

From his suicide note:

"I do not really understand myself these days. I am supposed to be an average reasonable and intelligent young man. However, lately (I cannot recall when it started) I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts.”
— Charles Whitman 

Charles Joseph Whitman was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and a former Marine who killed 14 people and wounded 32 others (a total of 47 victims including himself) during a shooting rampage on and around the university's campus on August 1, 1966. He had earlier that morning stabbed to death his wife and mother, making the total he killed 16 and 49 victims.
Whitman killed three of his victims inside the university's tower, and 10 others from the 28th floor observation deck of the University's 307-foot (94 m) administrative building; one, Karen Griffith, died from her wounds a week after the shooting.
The tower massacre happened shortly after Whitman murdered his wife and mother at their homes. He was shot and killed by Austin Police Officer Houston McCoy, assisted by Austin Police Officer Ramiro Martinez.

From his suicide note:

"After my death I wish that an autopsy would be performed on me to see if there is any visible physical disorder.”
— Charles Whitman 

"I talked with a Doctor once for about two hours and tried to convey to him my fears that I felt come [sic, probably meant "some"] overwhelming violent impulses. After one visit, I never saw the Doctor again, and since then have been fighting my mental turmoil alone, and seemingly to no avail.”
— Charles Whitman  

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