Saturday, December 2, 2017

Every Activist... Mayor,Governor,LE Official,appointed Judge should be indicted and prosecuted....

Every activist State Mayor,Governor,LE Official and appointed Federal appeals Judge who subverts the rule of law is committing sedition and must be indicted and prosecuted under 18 USC 2383 Rebillion or Insurrection, 18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracy,
18 USC 2385 Advocating overthrow of Government as well as  18 USC Chapter 73 Obstruction of Justice 1505,1507,1509,1510,1511,1512,1519,1521   all bordering on the act of Treason.

This includes the Obama's,Clinton's, and their proverbial overseers...Holder,Lynch,Comey and Mueller this has been going on for the last eight years and the attack has continued against the Trump Administration. 
This pretty much defines the issue of seditious conspiracy et al 

President Trump needs to sit down with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ascertain his intentions of carrying out the duties of his office....if Sessions is not up to the challenge he should resign and a competent attorney should replace him.

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