Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Peoples stop the fraud,corruption and lying on congressional bills

After consulting with many friends,family,neighbors and associates on both sides of the ailse ... I submit the following for Congress to write and pass a bill addressing the following.:

The Peoples Bill
Any and all bills written that address (Has) a impact on the US Constitution/Bill of Rights and all amendments to...any and all bills that has a impact financially/physically as well as a direct impact on the electorates daily life and or is in conflict with the electorates states rights must meet the following requirements before the bill takes a roll call vote:

The bill must be a stand alone bill no attachments must be complete and posted in full ...30 days prior to the roll call vote.
A electorates vote on the bill must be posted... attached to the must be USPS mailed as well as e-mailed,text to all registered voters in the Congressman/Senators precinct in advance and a full 30 days time period for the electorate to read and to vote on the bill.. a Yes or No vote  with a comments section optional.

The registered voter must give their full name~party affiliation and zip code...the results must be maintained for the remainder of the Representative/Senator's term in office and available to view and or challenge the results.( votes can only be challenged by those who voted...if you fail to vote too bad)The results win by a simple majority vote and will override the representative and or senators vote if it goes against the electorates vote...The final congressional roll call vote will be maintained for the duration of the congressional members term...available to view by the electorate. This will eliminate any further corruption,lying by the elected parties as they will be held accountable the next election cycle! If they go against the people... they will be FIRED ! 

I kept this short and simple as all Bills should be...feel free to make suggestions or comment.

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