Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bottom line on the Roy Moore issue...

First and foremost only one accuser claimed to be 14 years of age at the time of the allegations...the remainder were between 16 and 22 years of age...the age of consent in the state of Alabama is 16 years of age [Whether you agree or not that is the law in Alabama~personally I at 30 would not and did not date teenagers [when in my early 20's I did date 18+ year olds] however it is ok to be friends as Moore admitted he was with one]...Therefore it is irrelevant to claim a crime occurred...that being said all of the accusers allegations have been debunked for the most part. There is absolutely no evidence proving a crime occurred...the latest notation by Debbie Wesson Gibson was a signed, pretty much generic, congratulations on a graduation card.

Also it is worthy to note that the age of seventeen for males as well as females is not a age of child like behavior/ innocence as everyone tries to claim...males/females enlisted in the military with parental consent during WWI, WWII, Korea and during my service The Vietnam era [and much earlier during the Revolutionary as well as the Civil War (12,13,14,15 years of age)

I am just putting this issue into perspective...I am not saying it is ok to harrass anyone sexually or any other way...but the rule of law must apply...allegations are just that allegations...some are true others are not...just because someone complains does not make it a crime nor must be proven!

Closing with the following: 

And Leigh Corfman who claimed to be 14 at the time:

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