Thursday, November 16, 2017

Judge Roy Moore...Assumption or Fact?

Judge Roy Moore Is Resonating – Freedom's Back

First and foremost I for one am so tired of trial by public opinion by Main Stream Media...We are a Nation of Laws for good reason... to protect citizens from the proverbial Kangaroo Courts of old Kingdoms and Vigilante Justice of the old West... based on Assumption vs Facts.
Let me make this perfectly clear to ASSUME...Makes a ASS out of U and Me...knee jerk reactions as well as sound bite reporting in the media... rather than taking the time and waiting for the facts to surface... causes the innocent to be railroaded and riots to erupt in the streets.

While the likes of John McCain,Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell rant and rave waving their nasty/dirty fingers at Roy Moore and push the guilty before trial concept of Vigilante Justice, all the while ignoring the likes of Joe Biden, who is a true pedophile by all definitions...however he is one of their own so they protect him.
Have a look at the video of him getting his jollies off rubbing the breast of a 6 year old girl in front of her mother and all the world to see...I just shake my head in disbelief that the FBI and Justice Department have not gone to the Grand Jury...arrested and prosecuted this pedophile

SL @SLandinSoCal
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Joe Biden tries to fondle a little girls breasts. She instinctively pulls away! Ready for justice to rain down and for the flood gates to burst open.


At any rate the mess we are seeing in the swamp of DC reminds me of the old Billy Jack movie from the 70's
Judge Roy Moore as well as President Donald Trump are the proverbial persona of Billy Jack...enjoy and by all means think about it after viewing!

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